Card Pagers

These elegant pagers offer a sleek design that makes them easy to carry in your pocket or bag or just hold them in your hands.
They can even be worn around the neck on a lanyard.
The ideal solution for the business sector, healthcare centres, logistics, leisure venues, clinics, and much more.

Card Pagers

  • Battery life: up to 72 hours
  • Light/Sound/Vibration
  • Rechargeable
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Custom labels with your logo
  • LED number display
  • Average battery life: 2.5 years
  • 13 x 5.4 x 1.8 cm

Charger 30

  • Charger for 30 pagers
  • Automatic pager renumbering
  • Resistant
  • Full charge in 4 hours
  • Adapter: 12V
  • 6 x 15.5 x 37 cm

Charger 15

  • Charger for 15 pagers
  • Adapter: 12V
  • 8 x 16.5 x 24.1 cm

Mini Transmitter

  • Small and easy to handle
  • Range: 2km
  • LED display
  • Options menu
  • Adapter: 12V
  • 5 x 10.1 x 5 cm

IQ Base Transmitter

  • Range: 3km
  • LED display up to 6 lines
  • Water-resistant polyurethane
  • Adapter: 12V
  • Full programming menu
  • 7 x 14 x 4.3 cm

IQAIO All-in-One Base Transmitter

  • This all-in-one version includes:
  • A smart transmitter unit
  • Integrated charger for 15 pagers.
  • Range: 3km
  • Programming menu
  • Adapter: 12V
  • 8 x 16.5 x 24.1 cm

*This system consists of: pagers & charger & transmitter base (several models).
They can also be used with signal repeaters if necessary

CARD queue manager

Our CARD pagers, also called “IQ Pagers”, are the most versatile and ergonomic model in our range of paging systems, and are used across a variety of sectors: shops, outlets, supermarkets, gyms, logistics centres, clinics… In addition, their modern and sleek design makes them easy to hold or carry.

IQ Pagers

Just like our guest coaster pagers, this model also offers three types of alerts -light, sound and vibration- that can be combined as desired. So when a pager is called from the transmitter base, six red lights located on the sides of the pager will light up and, at the same time the device will beep and vibrate to attract the customer’s attention. These alerts can be set and customised to suit the specific needs of each business or venue. In addition, the front of the pager has a transparent acrylic plate that you can customize by adding your logo or any other image, which will help you promote your business, advertise products or simply add a personal touch to your pagers.

How to operate our CARD pagers

CARD pagers have two different charging bases with individual charging bays (for 15 or 30 pagers) and quick charge (full charge in 4 hours). In addition, this type of pager has a LED display that shows its number and a charger indicator that will show a blinking blue LED light when the device is charging. The Blue LED light will continue to flash until it is fully charged. These pagers can be easily and quickly renumbered and reprogrammed thanks to its intelligent charger, so you can easily stock and reorder pagers according to real-time operational needs.

Thanks to this wireless communication system, you can boost staff productivity, improve customer satisfaction and increase work efficiency while reducing crowds, shouting and running around.

A practical, ergonomic and easy-to-use system to manage your business more efficiently.

Agile and efficient call systems.

Innovation leaders. Wireless technology.

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