Disc pagers

Practical and convenient wireless pagers.
No more shouting and long queues, notify your customers easily from a distance.
Great coverage and durability, with three types of programmable alerts.
Practical, handy and lightweight.

Red Disc Pager

  • Battery life: up to 72 hours
  • Light/Sound/Vibration
  • Great drop resistance
  • Rechargeable
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Average battery life: 2.5 years
  • Customisable with your logo
  • Numeric display
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 5 x 10.7 x 1.3 cm

Red Disc Charger

  • Capacity: 15 pagers
  • Connectivity between chargers
  • Strong and durable
  • Adapter: 12V
  • Full charge in 2 hours
  • 5 x 11 x 1.5 cm

Neo Transmitter Base Station

  • Small and easy to handle
  • Range: 2km
  • LED display
  • Configurable options menu
  • Adapter: 12V

All in One

  • A smart transmitter unit
  • Two integrated chargers (for 30 pagers)
  • Full programming menu
  • 24 x 19.5 x 5.7 cm

*This system consists of: pagers & charger(s) & transmitter unit (two models).
They can also be used with signal repeaters if necessary.

Notify your customers and reduce waiting time

Disc-shaped guest pagers, also called coaster pagers, are the most popular pager model in the catering sector. However, this type of pager can certainly also be used in many other sectors such as for logistics, events, shops, etc. They have a rounded design and are perfect for placing them on the table or just holding them in your hands. They can be customised with your company logo, a slogan or a personalised design for each business. In addition, they can be easily stacked on top of each other for charging, thus saving space and optimising the handling and storage of the pagers.

Thanks to this wireless technology, staff productivity and speed of service is increased, and as a result customer satisfaction and quality of service is improved. In addition, another significant advantage to using paging systems is that they help reduce crowds and the stress of waiting and eliminate the need for shouting or running around.

Types of alerts

This model offers three types of alerts that can be easily combined with each other. First, when activated, the red lights around the outside will flash, alerting the customer. Then, the pager will beep and finally, it will vibrate. Thanks to the different types of alerts, you can be sure to get the customer’s attention. To call a pager, a member of the staff just needs to press the pager number on the transmitter, and a signal will be sent to the corresponding paging device which will be activated provided that they are in range. As a result, the customer will be alerted and will know it’s time for them to go back.

Then, the customer returns the pager which is put back in the charging station until they are handed over to the next customer, ensuring management operations are streamlined and simplifying tasks for your team. The durability and resistance of our pagers have been tested to offer customers an optimal experience and a smooth operation.

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