Staff pagers




Specifically designed to optimise work processes for your team: FOH staff, kitchen staff, food runners, logistics personnel, maintenance staff, shelf fillers, health professionals, etc.
Instant alerts can be sent to coordinate your team remotely.
They help optimise operations and ensure an effective and quick response.

Notify your employees

  1. Give staff members a pager. A belt clip is available.
  2. Send messages and instantly notify the right person at the right time using the transmitter base.
  3. The corresponding staff member will receive the page and act accordingly


  • Manage your staff more effectively and profitably
  • Get your team to collaborate effectively
  • Reduce service delivery time and waiting times
  • No more shouting or running around looking for people

Design and personality

Our staff pagers have been specially designed to help organize your team’s work more effectively. Wireless systems offer a wide range of features and can be used in many different types of business and corporate settings.

The transmitter base allows you to quickly notify an employee remotely when there is an order in the kitchen waiting to be picked up, or if they need to go to the storage room or are needed in a specific room. They can also be used in emergencies, or to get hold of busy staff on the move.

Benefits of using paging systems in your business

Thanks to an innovative system, you can manage the work of your team quickly and effectively. Both types of pagers come with a belt clip so that you don’t need to physically carry the pager in your hands and your hands are free for other tasks.

In addition, thanks to these wireless long-range paging systems, your staff will be able to move around the workplace freely, with the peace of mind that comes from being able to be contacted immediately, if they are needed. You can forget about mobile phones and walkie-talkies, pagers enable reliable and instant communication in a simple way.

These pagers, or beepers, have been designed and built with high-quality materials for maximum durability and industry-leading performance. They offer high resistance to drops, grease, high temperatures and shocks.

Types of staff paging systems

Depending on the type of notifications you need, there are two types of pagers specifically designed to suit the needs of your employees:

  • Numeric with sound and vibration
  • With a display to receive personalised text messages

Based on specific service requirements, you can choose the paging system that best suits your needs depending on the use you are going to give it and the type of alert you prefer. On the one hand, numeric pagers will vibrate, beep and/or flash a light, and can show up to 3 digits on their LED display. On the other hand, staff pagers with a display will allow you to send and receive pre-set and custom alphanumeric messages. That is why this type of pager is perfect for sending more detailed messages, as your team will receive all the relevant information thanks to its easy-to-read colour display.

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