Systems for the catering industry:


What are these systems for?

These systems have been designed to help companies optimise communication between the kitchen and waiting staff and the customers.
Serve your customers more efficiently, reduce queues, increase table turnover and maximise profits.
Our wireless equipment is quick to set-up and implement, and simple to use. No need for wiring or structural alterations.
Deliver a better customer experience and improve work efficiency.

Queue management

This customer pager is the number 1 choice for restaurants and fast food outlets.
Avoid crowds and long queues and improve customer service thanks to our queue managers, offering exceptional site coverage and durability.

How can you manage queues more efficiently?

  1. Hand over the guest pagers to customers after ordering or asking for a table.
  2. Customers will then be free to walk away or wait at a table, giving them freedom to move around.
  3. When their order or table is ready, the waiter will call the corresponding pager.
  4. The device will beep, vibrate or flash a light to warn them that it is their turn and they should go back to the restaurant or counter.


  • Avoid crowds
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Turn your tables faster
  • Increased turnover
  • Avoid long queues, noise and shouting
  • Improve productivity and quality of service
  • Reduce costs

Waiter paging systems

How can you contact your waiting staff?

  1. Give your waiting staff a pager at the start of their shift. A belt clip is also available.
  2. When a dish or order is ready, the kitchen staff can alert the waiting staff through the call unit.
  3. The waiter will then receive a discreet notification and will go to the kitchen to collect the food.

The system par excellence for managing food orders and kitchen notifications in a restaurant. Thanks to these wireless pagers, instant communication between FOH and the BOH staff is possible, in a quick and discreet manner, at the touch of a button. Through our silent system, when the food is ready, the chef can call the waiter without leaving the kitchen so that the waiter can go pick it up and deliver it immediately.
No more shouting, no bells, no more waiting, no more cold dishes, no more walking back and forth unnecessarily.
The kitchen unit has been specially designed for kitchen work and offer exceptional durability.


  • Manage your staff more effectively and profitably
  • Get your team to collaborate effectively
  • Reduce service delivery time and waiting times
  • No more shouting or walking back and forth unnecessarily.

Table location systems

Through a discreet and efficient geolocation system, customers can be located accurately and quickly, and their order can be delivered directly to their table.
Geolocation technology offers many operational advantages for businesses.
It enables staff to locate and alert customers, increasing speed of service and customer satisfaction.

How our Table Location System works

  1. Give a pager to the customer.
  2. The customer decides where to sit and places the pager on a locator card.
  3. Your staff will know where the customer or guest is located to deliver their order.


  • Locate customers quickly
  • Reduce queues, waiting times and crowds
  • Less running around looking for peopleand shouting
  • Improve the speed and management of your orders

Push buttons

How to use push buttons

  1. The call buttons are placed on the table or bar.
  2. Customers can press the button when they need something.
  3. Staff will receive an alert on a watch or display.

This system allows customers to call from the outdoor terraces or indoor dining spaces. Using these easy-to-use push buttons which have been specially designed for the catering industry, customers can call the waiter at the touch of a button. Waiters receive the call on a watch or LED display which will show the table that needs service without the need for shouting, hand gestures, or long waits, and without wasting time walking back and forth unnecessarily.
These push buttons can be used with different devices, such as indicator lights, amplifiers and a call monitoring and tracking system.


  • Enable instant and remote communication
  • Faster speed of service
  • Get your team to collaborate effectively
  • Reduce waiting times
  • Less shouting and calls
  • Stop wasting time walking back and forth unnecessarily

Agile and efficient call systems.

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