Perfect for controlling accessareas and entrances from a distance.
The system will send an alert when it detects movement or a door or window opening.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are devices that send a notification to a receiver when motion is detected in the area or environment in which the sensor is installed. They are often used at entrances, in low-traffic areas or in storage rooms to detect presence. Motion detectors can also be used as part of a security system as they can alert security personnel to the presence of people in restricted areas.

It is important to place the sensor in a strategic area and get the sensor angle and position right to ensure good visibility, so that they can work efficiently. Motion sensors can quickly detect the presence of a person in a room and send an alert to the designated receiver (e.g., a display, a watch or a light). The person responsible will receive an alert and will be able to act quickly.

Choose the model that best suits your premises.

Window and door sensors

Our window and door opening sensors are wireless devices that are normally installed on doors and windows to detect any door or window movement. Every time someone exits or enters a certain area the sensor will instantly alert you. You or the person in charge will be alerted that the door or window has been opened and an alarm notification message will be displayed.

These devices are typically installed on doors and windows leading to shops, offices, warehouses or restricted areas to monitor the entry and exit of people. Apart from being an effective way of protecting an area from unwanted access, sensors can also help improve customer service. If the manager is in the back office or somewhere where the entrance is not visible, he/she can be conveniently alerted when someone enters the shop so customers don’t have to wait to be served.

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